Shrek 2 (TM) : Team Action (TM)

Shrek 2 (TM) : Team Action (TM)

Shrek 2 Team Action is an action game developed by Luxoflux Corp
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Luxoflux Corp.

Shrek 2 Team Action is an action game developed by Luxoflux Corp.and published by Activision.
The adventure continues. Inspired by the Shrek II movie, this game includes all the new characters and places of the story never seen before. Now you can play as a team of four players during different complicated missions. Alternate between Shrek and nine of his friends, each one with their own powers. In this new adventure game, you have the possibility to test your abilities in mini missions created for each character.
Fight against Prince Charming, a huge troll, the evil Fairy Godmother - and a big horde of twisted fairytale scoundrels. You will be able to have control over Shrek, Donkey, Gingerbread Man, Lil' Red, Fiona and others, having also the choice of switching between them during the game. Each of these characters has its own special capabilities and fighting moves to defeat the villains.

In this multi-player game, you and four friends of yours will be taken through innovative as well as classic scenarios of the movie, all of them designed in a fully fairytale style. There is also a new gameplay mode called "Hero Time" where you have to perform individual mini-quests.

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